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This has been an incredibly busy week. First there was the earthquake last Friday, followed by more than 3000 aftershocks including hundreds that would have been notable quakes (M3-5) in their own right (go look at this map). We got through it in pretty good shape, but there was a lot of cleaning up to do, not just in our house but two others we checked for friends who were out of town.

[I'd put a read-more break here if I knew how to do it here—sorry]

So now the Christmas decorations have been put up twice (I'm kinda glad we didn't have the tree up yet), orders are placed, packages are coming in. We don't do any big holiday entertaining, but I'm thinking about maybe having the knitters over some time this month. There could be cookie baking, not that anyone in the household really needs sugar and grease but it's sooooo yummy.

And then this is the time of year when we need to pick new Medicare drug insurance because the numbers and policies change wildly every year. My tiny 5 ml bottles of a decades-old generic drug for my eyes were $4 ea two years ago, $70 this year and will go down to $45 this coming year once I pay the cash bonus "dedcutible" to the insurance company. Of course, even with the high premiums, that still comes in under the $900-odd that is the "cash" price for a single bottle of these little darlings. The whole policy selection process is made more painful by the hideously poorly designed software we have to shop with: no opening in multiple tabs, no comparisons, it just allows you one screen at a time and for each variable you change you have to go back and forth through several steps and back and forth and screenshot everything to compare them. And so I'm already shrieking with frustration before I get to the rage-inducing pricing.

*fans self rapidly*

*takes deep cleansing breaths*

Then there was tumblr. I've spent less time reading there than backing up, sharing backup solutions, sharing alternative site options, and countering some of the negatives being spread about Pillowfort. Then conversation here on Dreamwidth spurred some very serious discussions about whether fandom has picked up and moved (and lost people, fanworks) enough for it to be time to undertake a fan-owned solution much like AO3 has provided for fics. That's in the post-tumblr-fandom comm and anyone is welcome to join in and help us brainstorm. That's also kind of usurped my fandom time, cross-posting about that to spread the word.

At this point I've got solid backup of my main tumblr via a private wordpress blog that I've been crossposting to via IFTTT for years now. It took several iterations, but I managed to finally get a wordpress import from my Fandomfanworks tumblr, which I've left public-facing although I don't know what more I'll do with it at the moment. I originally started that sideblog when I began presenting on fanfic to the state library association conferences, and it made a handy reading list. Oh well.

Still, I've been enough different places by now that I don't really trust any of them. I'm going to try to run the python tumblr backup script today if I have time: from what I've heard, it takes that to backup content beneath read-mores. And since I get bored scrolling my dash, I tended to use them a lot. Once my content is safely on my own hard drive(s), I'll probably delete my tumblr accounts. Censorship isn't something I want to participate in or reward, even though, yes, I do understand the commercial pressures on tumblr are larger than that. But I'm not going to leave my account content there for tumblr to continue to monetize, even if it's not all flagged for removal. I feel as though this is a little bit "You're fired! Then I quit!" but that's the way it's evolved.

Where now? I had a whole day of meetings followed by a big organizational holiday party on Friday, and since my portion of the meeting was limited, I had a fair bit of time to think about this. I have accounts on DW and Pillowfort. I think that DW is fine for the post-tumblr-fandom conversations, being more suited to long-form text. But having lived the fast-paced tumblr life for so many years now, I find it cumbersome to keep copying text out to paste into an html editor to apply any formatting. That probably gets more automatic with practice, but it feels like a step backwards. Frankly, it's easier to compose on pfio, temporary stability issues notwithstanding. And I was already getting some sense of community built there even before the tumblr crash—I've been there since beta wave 2. I miss the visuals of tumblr, though: my dash was salted not just with fandom but photography and knitting and a lot of art, and that's not well-established either place yet. Or may never be, to quite the same extent, given the emphasis on text and discussion. But there are also other offerings in the works, whether or not they ever come to fruition, and the whole issue of fan-owned space (or P2P networks, which seem iffy to me but have a lot of enthusiastic discussion) is still young in terms of where we might go. I'm excited about that prospect and to be working on it.

But right now there's laundry to run and lymphedema drainage to do (thanks cancer: the gift that keeps on giving) and a little cat on a bed on my desk who thinks this would be a great time for a rousing game of chase-the-feather. And who am I to say no to that?
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Gins (greywash) has created a new comm here to discuss options for what fans might want to do to try to save fandom from the tumblr exodus. There are a number of thoughts already floated in a thread on her site, but it's getting chaotic so we're moving to a comm to give different ideas room to breathe.

post-tumblr-fandom is the comm, so please think about stopping by to keep up with what's going on, even if you yourself don't necessarily feel you have anything to contribute at this point.
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This is just to point to an excellent post by greywash on this topic. Come over there and join the conversation if you've got thoughts. Or, you know, just to spectate.
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I've had an account here for years, used for things like following Holmestice, for which I do some beta work.

A few months back, I created The FanFic Writers' Room when discussion on tumblr about a good place to talk about writing and editing came up. I posted a few things there but there didn't seem to be a huge demand so I'll admit it hasn't gotten much action from me, either. The similar com over on Pillowfort is something I keep up more just because I'm over there more. But if more fandom ends up here and there's interest, I can ramp things up again.

As a Sherlock fan, I kind of staggered around a bit after the disaster of s4. I now define myself as a fan of the McGuigan Sherlock (s1-2). I may post the occasional comment on Sherlock topics, but really, the day of meta-writing is over. I'm a longstanding Doctor Who fan and am kind of enjoying the MCU and some other media offerings, but that's not the deep sort of fandom I participated in for Firefly and Sherlock. I guess I'm floating, looking for my next fandom.

So here we are. This doesn't feel like an especially homey place yet. Not even as much as pfio does. But we'll see.


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